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3D Modeling and Advanced Rendering

Future Fox utilizes various modeling software programs in conjunction with a  unique high end rendering engine along with various plug-ins to produce unique CGI drawings.


The use of advanced modeling software allows us to design unlike almost any other company. We can control topography and create rolling hills complimented with realistic vegetation and water. Custom scene materials can easily be modeled and advanced texturing subsequently applied with technical mapping techniques, giving any object authenticity. Realistic lighting can be applied. This includes the implementation of a real sun with varying horizon degrees to control the time of day or customized IES lights to create any mood. We can use HDRI photos to create models that incorporate panorama views and lighting of an actual location thus providing the ultimate conceptual of a proposed project. Finally, we use SLR cameras in our scenes as a means to produce advanced renderings. The combination of all these model elements will help to give any client truly unique designs.