The concept of Building Information Modeling (BIM) is rapidly changing the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry. The mass adoption of this concept by many of the leading engineering firms around the world can ultimately be attributed to its ability to produce more efficient project outcomes. 

What is Building Information Modeling? 

BIM in totality is the digitization of a project life cycle. Its success is predicated on the centralization of data which can be accessed by key entities within any project. This data can range from project scheduling, material quantities, drawing files, permits and any other information that contributes to the success of any given project.

At Future Fox Infrastructure Ltd. we believe that it takes a technical specialist to utilize BIM properly. We are completely dedicated to understanding industry leading techniques for the purpose of giving any client an organized, data-centric product. Our primary software license is 'The Architecture and Engineering Construction Package' from Autodesk. Within this package are several engineering software programs that we are proficient with. This includes civil, structural, architectural and energy analysis design.

After dedicating countless hours to research and development, we were able to develop our own version of a BIM  company model. This includes understanding the interrelation of different engineering software programs, how to centralize/share data efficiently and ascertaining legitimate standards (PENN State University). 

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