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Entrepreneurship and Engineering Technology - The First Six Months

Updated: Jan 7

It's been six months since Future Fox Infrastructure Ltd. was launched and thought it would be a good idea to give a company update.

Within two weeks of launching we had the fortunate opportunity to link up and form a solid relationship with a Civil Engineer in Kelowna. Since that time we have worked on various civil design projects around the province. The scope of these projects on our end include:

  • civil design edits

  • creating surfaces

  • parcel layouts

  • grading plans

  • profile designs

  • subsurface infrastructure for new/existing residential developments

We are fortunate to have met such an amazing client so early in in our start-up and really look forward to doing big things moving forward.

Future Fox also had the fortunate opportunity to form a pleasurable business relationship with TECK Resources in Kimberley, B.C. They are in the process of updating the electrical infrastructure for daily operations and Future Fox was contracted out to help with the continuation of these design changes. We work exclusively with TECK's team whom provides us with the design edits. Again, we feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such an amazing client so early in our business life and really look forward to building our relationship more in the future!

There were various other projects that we took on that included parking lot design, retaining wall schematics and structural renovation. We were also able to get accepted by the B.C. Ministry of Transportation to be RISP certified.

We were pleasantly surprised with the first six months of business and are motivated to do more in 2020.

Early Future Fox Rendering

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